Keeper Of The Dawn

The latest album from Ancient River


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Before Dawn

 from Ancient River 2014



Let It Live

 from Ancient River 2012



Under The Sun

 from Ancient River 2010




 from Ancient River 2010



Stay With Me
Short Film // The Golem ::: Shot w/ black & white and colour ektachchrome film using Braun Nizo camera
Written, Produced & Directed by Xevi Soler


Waiting For The Light
by Summer Moon Studio

Dead Friend
Film thanks to Summer Moon Studio, Jeff Lancaster, Steve Giacomelli & Oxone Drivevibes.
Filmed on tour in 2014 around North America.



2015 // LP Keeper Of The Dawn
2014 // LP Before Dawn
2012 // LP On The Other Side
2012 // LP Let It Live
2010 // EP Polariod
2011 // LP Songs From North America
2010 // LP O.D.D.S.
2010 // EP Under the Sun