Keeper Of The Dawn 12" Vinyl

Keeper Of The Dawn 12" Vinyl


Album Title, Keeper Of The Dawn
Colour in Colour Vinyl Full colour labels / Black Paper Inner / CMYK Spined LP Sleeve on w-w Board / Gloss Machine Varnish / Shrinkwrap

1. This Is The Time
2. Keeper Of The Dawn
3. New Rising
4. Mother Of Light
5. The Next One

6. Stay With Me
7. Journey Into The Light Of Darkness
8. Desolation Song
9. Hallways And Mirrors
10. The End Of The Dawn

Shhhh. Quiet. Did you hear that? A single pulse ray of sound breaks through the haze into a fuzzy current flowing through the void of the dreaming as drops of consciousness dance a steady spark against the warm ochre of a 70's desert travelogue hallucination. Awareness collides with infinity ripchords, and the Keeper Of The Dawn arrives. This is the time.

Carved out of the swampy reverb of Gainesville, FL and sharpened in the cold stark mist of a London winter, upon your ears and eyes the sounds of Ancient River, as given form by the binary combo of J. Barreto and Alex Cordova, ascend.

In the time before the dawn, when you're in the gulf between waking life and the dreaming, the sounds of the ancients are there--the soundtrack to savage worlds and fantastic planets, valleys obscurred by the end of the beginning. Journey into the light of darkness and pink labyrinths where giallo goblins pull at the cosmic membrane in a psych shock dance. As a thunderstorm of chords strike across a haze of incantations and fuzzy explanations, rays of major sevenths hit the skin in universal appeal. Repeat across infinity, waves of fuzz weaving through cerebral hemispheres with a frantic tranquility, a present of mysteries and hazy explorations.

At the end of the dawn, the pulse flows into temples of primeval reverb and dissolve into daybreak, a new rising through the mirrors of desolation. The Keeper is pleased. 


Released April 14, 2015
James Barreto & Alex Cordova
Mastered by Brett Orison
Album Design Nakia Matthewson-Barreto & James Barreto
Album Photography Marcus Tanner

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