O.D.D.S II, but first... Russian Surf Party!

Friends, it's Monday although in Australia it's Tuesday! So we got some news... O.D.D.S. II is coming. The second installment of outtakes, demos, demons and singles, will be released March 2nd. Here is Russian Surf Party. 

In 2011 Ancient River released an album of songs arranged in long player format that seemed to defy genre, but at the same time exhibited a tight and cohesive vision. The album we are referring is known as Ancient River’s O.D.D.S., and it was heavily circulated amongst the bands fan base.

Now 2017 finds Ancient River hitting the ground running with the second installment in the ODDS collection with ODDS II. This album is much in the same spirit as the first one with eleven newly released sonic creations that collectively refuse to be constrained to any one specific genre or brand.

From noisy dream pop, garage inspired all out rock and even minimalist atmospheric studio compositions, it’s all here on this long player of eleven songs clocking in around 42 minutes. 

Outtakes, demos, demons and singles seem to be the motto here and the album plays out as an unpredictable, yet proficiently executed ride through lo-fi and hi-fi musical excurtions. In a time when many bands cater to only one specific sound, this album easily sticks out amongst the vast space of contemporary music.

Life is short, but make sure to take the time to join Ancient River on this rare treat and you may walk away from the experience with a better perspective of the bands vision and perhaps a refreshed outlook on music in general. Don’t be denied.

Illustration by James Barreto.

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